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Don. We work together on the arrangements and the harmonies.

The Short Answer:

Really good music.

The Really Long Answer (which almost no one sticks around for):

It's acoustic guitar-based songs that draw from a wide range of influences: pop, folk, classical, jazz, gospel, world music, country, bluegrass-- with a big emphasis on vocal harmony and lyric content, spiced with an amazing array of percussion instruments and a bit of harmonica.

The Shortest Answer:

Folk, sort of...

We've sung together since we met, in 1974. We played in some local bands in New York's Hudson Valley region in the late 70's, and began to perform as a duo around 1980. Don is a long time guitar slinging vagabond, and was playing and writing and roaming the continent as early as 1965.

Ah well, they do grow up, don't they? Those who've come to our shows over the years probably heard Seth play with us many times, and if you saw us in 2000, you know how much his contribution had grown, to the point where he was playing whole sets with us on keyboard and ukulele, after starting out with just a song here and there long ago. Now he's living in Stroudsburg, PA, going to college and teaching and playing tennis. You can email him at "".
"A special bardic talent . . . (like) Dylan,. Tom Paxton, Phil Ochs . . . Randy Newman, or more recently, Suzanne Vega."
The Woodstock Times