Since the release of their first independent album, Life in the Circus, Don & Sheryl have been taking their music far & wide across America, playing concerts in an amazing range of venues: From auditoriums and theaters to sidewalks, college campuses, and coffeehouses; from legendary listening rooms including Passim in Cambridge, the Fast Folk Cafe in New York, and The Freight & Salvage Company in Berkeley, to honky-tonk roadhouses like The Silver Dollar Saloon in Butte, Montana.

Their two subsequent indie releases, Stations, and The Mental Health Songbook (Vol. 1), and their near-perpetual touring, have continued to broaden their audience. In 2001 they released a powerful new recording, Playin’ in the Minors, which received wide international airplay, and now they have released their fifth album, Here in America, to an ever wider interest and enthusiasm.

Don and Sheryl have also been featured on the nationally syndicated news magazine Monitoradio, and have appeared on River City Folk, a performance and interview radio show, also syndicated nationwide.

God Bless Louisiana

A little tribute to one of our favorite places. We've had so many good times in Louisiana, we couldn't fit them all into a song--but here are a few. The song is from our HardPressed Records album Here in America. Louisiana makes crossing the country just that much more fun.

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Back at work in the studio

We're back at work in our favorite studio, NRS in Catskill, NY, recording songs for our sixth (!) album, to be called Water from the Moon. The title comes from an old folk saying, referring to something wonderful, magical, yet probably unattainable. We're hoping the music turns out to be quite magical, but attainable by flawed critters like us.

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Old Eddie

An often-requested song from Stations, the second Haynie & Samuel album. A hymn to "urban campers" everywhere, recorded live in a northwest Montana public TV studio.

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Playin' in The Minors

A concert performance of the title song from the Haynie & Samuel album, Playin' in the Minors (HardPressed Records, HP404), featuring Betty MacDonald sitting in on her wonderful jazz violin. Recorded at a benefit concert at the Unison Arts & Learning Center, New Paltz, NY.

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The Border

Views of the American Southwest and the Mexican border, accompanying the Haynie & Samuel song, "The Border", from their HardPressed Records album, Here in America.

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"One of the most thoughtful, well-performed, well-prepared shows in recent memory . . . intelligent, well-conceived folk-style songs . . . Haynie's accompaniment is flawless on both the 6- and 12- string guitar, and Samuel plays an exciting array of unusual and exotic percussion instruments . . . lyrics with meaning, wit, humanity, poignancy, and relevance . . . good at humor too."
News and Review, Chico, CA